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Paper + Hand

Crayons - Custom Letters

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Brought to you by Mini Paper + Hand :)

Up your crayon game with letter crayons! Teach a small human to recognize the letters in their name and help them put the letters in the correct order every time you put them away (cute box included). They’ll be spelling their own name in no time! 

Select type and quantity here and in the “Order Special Instructions” box at checkout, let us know color and glitter preference. Preferences can be specific (e.g. solid red only) or general (e.g. mix of colors for all letters, but no green and lots of glitter!). We will do our best!

Tips:  Can’t shorten a super long name? Try initials or a favorite word instead, like ALOHA, LOVE, HOME, or CREATE.

Nitty gritty: Each letter is 2in tall, variable width (based on the letter), and 1/2in in depth. If it gets snug in the box (usually six letters or more), we will split into two boxes or move to a larger box. Non-toxic.

Made with aloha in Hawaii.